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i don't drink coffee, i'll take tea my dear...*~'.


L is for Leeann. :]
14 May
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Age: SEveN 2 The TEEN.
Location: DaLLas,Tx
Sex: >Uptown Grrl.< *,~'*

Leeann♥ Lee Lee does it. i love beautiful things.I'll be your new obsession, addiction and bad habit if you let me. i am [the sweetest you'll ever meet] i am real. intelligent in my unique way. yes i am pretentious. i dont like many people. i am picky in what i eat. i am picky in boys too. ill take Iced tall soy chai mhmm. i prove myself good in things. i like being right. i have a big heart & its been fucked over i dont love as easily as i used to. i learn from my mistakes. I like it when people can spell. im the coolest bitch youll ever meet. I'll blow your fucking mind♥ i am completely open minded. boys mess with my head FUCK commitment!!! i dont care what you think about me . you probably dont even know ME. i like getting out of the shower wiping off the steam off the mirror and making faces at myself to get ready for bed.im quite good at it. I'm more than your average brunette. I have hipbones. I walk with my head tall . I get attached to things easly. i'm nice, unlike some. i love staying up til dawn and sleeping all day i own tons of bags!!! ima SHOPPING bitch ♥ I do as I please. Don't question me. i have wonderful friends. probably better ones than you have. i love jumping on my bed in my underwear. i cut my hair constantly Im sarcastic when I love you, kind when I don't . i love my alone time but hate being alone . i sometimes dont think before i speak. brunnettes do it better. im obsessed with shoes like whoa! i love when a guy sings for you.. it makes my knees weak . The three things that every soul should feel. I do not belong in anyone's Virus. I can most likely figure you out within 5 minutes of having a conversation with you. i just like to have FUN FUN FUN . i'm just a kid at heart, and i secretly hate responsabilities. when i sit on my school desk i swing my feet cause they barely reach. when its raining i run outside & danse in the rain i'd considered it a shower for tonight. i listen to conor oberst♥ cd everyday and thats the whole cd. i currently have no one to be in love with,expect for maybe alysse.♥ sometimes im too honest with ones i dont know. i just realized i missed 6 calls if you read this far iloveyou If you dont like hearing the truth dont talk to me. my purse always has candy in it. if i love you enough, ill show you some someday♥. DONT try to impress me. be yourself. ive met all the loved ones i need. if your gonna send me a hate messagedont bother ill only end up laughing.I don't care if you talk shit behind my back, it's nice to know you spend your time thinking of me. [[ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION & STUPIDITY ENCOURAGES ME NOT TO TALK TO YOU OR REPLY! ]] truth is i am ME. thats all that matters. i'm very complex; & usually hard to understand. &most of the time, there's no explanation for things i may do or say. [only making sense 60% of the time- oh, if even that] all i can come up with is 'that's just me....take it or leave it.' so if you want to get to know me....through and through....incredibly deep and intimately, then prepare yourself, as it's a very daunting task. do i think it's worth it? of course i do!!! at times, i come across rather snobby, but don't let that turn you away....i simply have my shy moments every now & then. A lot of the times im fucking happy. get over your stereotypes! thnx im a lover,not a fighter. I like to be spontaneous .i love rainbow sherbert ice cream !!! i hate when people hit me, push me, or pull me. i hate when people force me to wake up or bug me when i am asleep. i have values, morals. i live by them. you'll never change that. you'll never change me, please stop trying. i get what i want. ill never break a promise. ill never break your heart. ill never leave you, not at least before you leave me. i never have a hard time trusting any human. i think too much. especially when im alone. i am a simple being. im only human. im prone to accidents. you probably wont change my mind. i am trying to separate myself from you. i am not like you. please dont judge me. for all that matters, i refuse to do wrong, but i am not perfect.i am not perfect. i dont know what i want outta life yet i am lazy but i get things done. i let people in too easily , my weakness is im too nice ,i forgive and forget! I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don't want fake love and pretend feelings, if i show you how i feel dont just tell me something i want to hear, MEAN IT.i crave affection i love it, cuddling , holding hands is cute.♥ I love hugs where the person is so excited that they spin you in circles. Im a walking contradiction. i'm always emerged in deep thought. .i could go for a scoop of ice cream, or how about two? in a cone, not a cup. i get intimidated very easily. i like the capslock button :D!!!i have a funny dispostion. you'll never be bored when your around me.i love when an 18 year old boy has writing of a 5 year old. its cuute♥. i love sleeping more than you do!!! i'm cold hearted sometimes... i'm loud and fun and i ramble about the randoms things you've ever heard. you'll never be bored when your around me . you'll learn to to love me , boys will be boys and break hearts i dont think there are any "good" guys out there... I will not judge you on your past, probably because mine is ten times worse. i have some trust issues with people, especially boys!!! i DO believe in love at first site now.. i do believe in lust at first site also but that might change when i meet you .I'm all about attention i love it! If you steal any of my pictures or profile I will kick you in the fucking face. i love the attention..what can i say i'm an attentionxwhore I envy you because your scene points are double mine haha jk . i dont like to be classified as anything so dont even try puting me in any of your dumb categories! im a very caring person, and it usually backfires on my ass but if your nice i'll be nicer sorry if i sound like a bitch sometimes i'm just messing around i love to joke around so dont take it up the ass seriously i joke around ALL the time .just get to know me better before you judge me. I dont want to be your friend, go away! The ones I have are the only ones I need . Just because I talk to you doesn't mean I like you... and just because I don't talk to you, doesn't necessarily mean I hate you either. people say my life is like tv. so entertaining.youll learn to love me.im NOT giving up on happy endings, mine will be sure to come.

serial killers are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator



my skin is singed, but it heals my heart
and with glowing pride i'll wear my scars.
i'm honored by your hatred. ♥

Head trip on the scene again, pumping in the veins of the rabid mouths to feed.
Head back, obsolete... trapped with the secrets that i can not keep today

I'm not yet a winner. I could be thinner. So I must go throw up dinner...Yes im MIA, and for all of you that have concerns or a promble with it; dont give me ur bullshit. i choose to be this way, and i will choose when to stop. ♥


ps. acting like a jerk isn't cool.
so get over yourself,
your not special. k lets be friends. ♥


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B is for Bernie: wtf
B is for Bernie: you going straight edge on me
B is for Bernie: ?
MrCoffeeHatesEmo: FUCK NO.
B is for Bernie: lmfao
Oh God Were Great.<333

♥ ♥ ♥

Me & My Friends R Cooler Than You And Your Best Friends, So Get Over it.

i love skanks and hoes, who dip into my koolaid.
me and my buds will own the world one day!
Mess With Us,We'll Mess You Up..♥

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